Finish Up Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has grown in importance in the job search process  More and more recruiters are using the service to find out more about job applicants. Make sure your profile isn’t lacking any essential parts. Take a look at your profile and make sure you are not missing any of these things:

  • A professional looking headshot- Don’t use the same profile pic as on your Facebook. Use a photo where you can see your face clearly. Dress professionally.
  • Join groups- Join Boston University related groups, groups in your industry, and groups related to your interests. You have the ability to connect to professionals in the field, take advantage of it.
  • Have a succinct summary- Don’t use the word “aspiring” in your headline. Use “study” or “studying” instead (if you’re a student.)
  • Get recommendations- If you don’t like asking for a recommendation, take matters in to your own hands. Recommend a bunch of people, there’s a good chance a few of them will recommend you back. Who doesn’t like having good things said about themselves?
  • Put the good stuff first- Don’t hide the fact that you won a prestigious award at the bottom of your profile. You have the ability to arrange your profile in a way that you can’t on a resume.

LinkedIn profiles are quickly gaining in importance. Make sure you take advantage of it.


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