How to Turn Down a Job Offer

After typing hundreds of cover letters, meticulously paring your resume, and snazzing up for interviews, the time will come when you hear back about those job/internship applications.

There comes a point where you will have to decide what you are going to do. It’s a tough decision. Do not take it lightly.

Here are a few points to remember when making your decision.

  • Do not say yes to one position and then accept a different one. If your decision is hinging on a position you haven’t heard back about,  be transparent with the hiring personnel. You might get a sweeter deal if they know you are in demand. Also, don’t renege on your commitment if you’ve signed a contract. There may be legal ramifications.
  • Do not leave someone hanging. Make sure to respond if you’ve been offered a position. My rule of thumb is if they called you, call back. If they emailed you, it’s alright to email back.
  • Be polite. It could benefit you in the future. It benefits you to keep your options open. If you struggled over your decision, mention that you would be open to future positions at the company. Or ask to keep your resume filed there. You never know what opportunities will arise.
  • Your integrity is most important. You may hurt your chances of moving up in an industry if you develop a reputation as a flake. Your integrity and reputation is worth more than a job or an internship.

If you have any questions about jobs or need help deciding on a position, please stop by Career Services.



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