Boston University Narrative Journalism Conference

Conferences are great places to meet new people in your field. They give you an opportunity to meet established professionals in your field and meet people in a more relaxed setting.

Plenty of them also offer student discounts. Here is one that would be of interest to COM students and it’s on campus:

The Power of Narrative: Storytelling Journalism Goes Digital
April 5-7, Boston University

“The Power of Narrative Conference has convened in several places and under several names since its founding at Boston University in 1998. But our mission remains constant as storytelling journalism goes digital: helping narrative journalists strengthen their craft, following the highest ethical practices and imparting the down-to-earth humanity that characterizes the genre.

Last year, we quickly sold out all 300 seats to writers, filmmakers, podcasters, multimedia producers and graphic journalists. This year, leading print journalists will join new media figures from here and abroad to discuss fresh developments that build upon the 40-year heritage of narrative journalism. The conference talks are stimulating, sophisticated, practical and relevant, aimed at mid-career practitioners intent on broadening their work. The vigorous Q & A sessions that follow our talks show us that we’re on-target. And, at session and meal breaks you’ll meet speakers and new colleagues and share ideas and aspirations.”

Tickets for Boston University students are only $45. Register here.




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