Advice For Your First Real Job

Your first job will not be like college. You’ll be relied on to complete tasks, take on projects, and contribute to a company. It can be quite an adjustment. Good thing Thorin Klosowski over at Lifehacker has put together an article called “Advice I Wish Somebody Had Given Me for My First Job.”


The article has some great tips on adjusting to company culture and avoiding burnout. Here are some of the most salient tips:

Accept Your Newbie Status and the Work that Comes with It

When you’re just out of college, it’s easy to get a big head about what you can do in the workplace. Unfortunately, chances are you’ll need to clean the proverbial toilet for a while before you’re given any real responsibility. This means you need to show off your work ethic even if you’re stuck doing tasks you don’t like…You might be smart and clever, but a solid work ethic is the main thing that’ll separate you from all the other viable candidates.

Ask Questions

One thing you likely learned in school that carries over to the real world: asking questions is important. Your boss and your coworkers want nothing more than for you to do your job correctly the first time, and the best way to do that is to ask questions when you’re starting out. Be sure you actively listen to the answers, and ask followup questions so you avoid miscommunication

Watch for Burnout (and Deal with It the Right Way)

It’s remarkably easy to get caught up in moving your career forward when you’re first starting out. Regardless of how young you are, this eventually leads to burnout, which means you end up doing your job poorly. It might seem like you need a gung-ho attitude at a new job to really get ahead, but your productivity and creativity can suffer when you work long hours, so it’ll do more harm than good.

Check out the rest of the article here.

Image from the SSA


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