The Resume Girl

You’ve taken the time to create a resume filled with accomplishments and great descriptions of your knowledge and experience. You’re ready to send it off, or use it to fill in an online application. Just as you go to hit the “Send” button, you see that they are also requesting (or suggesting) a cover letter. What’s a jobseeker to do???

I’ve had many clients and friends question me on the use of the cover letter. Most people hate writing them and many don’t believe they’re at all necessary for the screening process. I disagree, and not just because they’re one of the products I offer in my business—I truly believe that a dynamic, well-written cover can be an asset to just about anyone.

(Note:  if a “resume only” is asked for, I’d follow the directions and just send that. For all other situations, read on)

Assuming that the job ad…

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