Use Social Media to Do Research on Companies

Social media is a two-way street. Companies are using it to find out information on you, but a job seeker can also use it to find information on companies they are interested in.

Aaron Guerrero from US News talked with BU’s own Joshua Waldman (GSM ’06) about using social media in the job search. Waldman literally wrote the book on it, who wrote the book on the subject, Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies.

Waldman said that background research on a company using social media can often give useful insight into the company culture.

For example, here’s a twitter list of employees at McCann Advertising. Check it out. Is it filled with employees ranting about there job? (Doesn’t look like it.) Are people taking pictures of cool projects they’re working on? Are they tagging any interesting or people? This is just one of the many social media avenues to get a feel for what a company is doing. Follow the company’s LinkedIn page. Find them on Facebook. See what they’re doing on Instagram.

These allow you to do some valuable background research on the company culture and it can also give you good fodder for interviews.

From Gurrero’s story:

Your prospective interviewer may have a LinkedIn profile but it’s all business, empty of details that reveal who they are on a personal level. On Twitter, however, a more playful side comes out as they frequently tweet about a personal hobby or interest. Waldman says asking about the hobby at the interview’s outset can serve as a nice icebreaker and establish a friendly rapport.

Read the rest of the article here. It’s full of really good advice.


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