Where to Start When You Have No Experience

One of the most common complaints I hear among undergraduate job-seekers is, “I have no experience.”

That shouldn’t deter you from applying for a job. You can gain experience in a number of ways right now.

Here’s where to start when you don’t have anything to go on:

Just Do It: If you want to write, write. If you want to make films, film. If you want to make advertisements, draw a bunch.

Luckily this is pretty easy for us in the Communications field. Starting a blog is easy with Google or WordPress. COM students can check out cameras or other equipment for use. If this is your passion, go out and do it.

Take Advantage of Your College Experience: Take advantage of activities like AdLab  or PRSSA. Enter a film contest.  Join WTBU,  BU’s award-winning campus radio station. There’s a lot of stuff here, make sure you take advantage of it.

Talk to People: In some circles, networking is a dirty word. People envision slick-haired hucksters handing out business cards like candy. That’s not quite true. Networking is getting to know people in the field. Here are some posts I wrote about networking. People are more than happy to talk about their job and how they got there. And many people are more helpful than you would think.

A good place to start is with BU alumni. Check out some of our LinkedIn groups.

Research the Company: Chances are, HR people will notice you more if you feel passionately about a company, rather than someone who sends a bunch of resumes without much thought. Learn as much as you can.

Again, these things alone won’t get you a job, but you can gain valuable experience in a number of ways.


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