Job Search: Websites to Check Your Online Identity

A job search is a difficult and daunting process. Checking your online reputation should be one of your first tasks. Recruiters are increasingly using Google and LinkedIn to find out information about you. An unflattering image might be the difference maker in a job application.

So what can you do to protect your reputation?

Check out some of these websites:

Pipl.comPipl - People Search

– Pipl allows you to search for your name, email, or username and how it’s being used on the web. It’s also free to use.

Google Alerts

– Set up a Google alert for your name to see if anything suddenly appears in the web.

Manging Online Identity

–  This article from Google has good information on how to manage unwanted information online.

Of course, one of the best ways to maintain a positive online identity is to fill it up with quality stuff (i.e. blog, twitter, articles.) A good place to start is purchasing your domain name. Also, Google yourself on a regular basis.

Keeping a consistent, positive identity online is becoming increasingly important for your job search. Be sure to stay on top of your reputation.


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