How Not to Get Bored Over Christmas Break (And Help Your Job Search)

I’m ready for a break. It’s been a fantastic semester, but I’m ready to head home, sip some egg nog, open some presents, and just generally do nothing.

Of course, I can only do that for about four days. I’ll get bored, start marathon watching bad TV shows, and just generally feel like a bowl of lukewarm oatmeal. I like feeling productive.

So here are some ways for you to stay productive and avoid falling into a Christmas coma: charlieSnoopy

1) Set Goals 

These don’t have to be overly ambitious. You might not get to them if they are too daunting. Keep them simple, easy to accomplish, and fun. Here are my goals for break:

 Do one programming lesson a day with Code Year: This is a free program that teachers users the basics of JAVA and HTML.  I started doing Code Year stuff in the summer, but then I forgot about it when school started. The lessons are easy. It’s also a good way to pad your resume.

Finish The Amazing Adventure of Kavalier and Clay: I picked up this book a few weeks ago. I don’t have the luxury of extended periods of time to read during the year. Enjoy yourself for a little bit.

 Update my Blog Once a DayIt’s important to stay sharp over the break. This doesn’t have to be academic, dull stuff though. Talk about movies you saw, books you read, or your crazy Uncle Leo.

Write up a “Dummies Guide to Search Engine Optimization” : I’ve been meaning to learn more about SEO. Teaching other people is a great way to learn a skill. I’m going to write something up for my other website.

Four goals, I think I can get them all done.

2) Network or Reconnect with your contacts:

The holidays are usually a slow time around offices. People might have some extra time to chat. Also, send out some holiday cards to those contacts you made over the year. It’s a good way to stay connected.

3) Turn off the Electronics for a while:

Even though tablets, smartphones, and computers are tools that help you get things done, they are also huge drains on productivity. Turn them off four a while and find something else to do.

4) Be Generous with the Gratitude

I’m a firm believer in heaping doses of thanks and gratitude. Say thanks to those people who helped you this past year. It will make you feel good, them feel good, and you’ll be a champ in their eyes. Write some cards, bake some cookies, and give a lot of hugs.

5) Start Thinking About 2013

This goes back to number one. What do you want to accomplish next semester (or next year?) Do you want to get a job? Internship? Get A’s in all your classes? Now’s the time to start thinking and planning.


Happy Holidays everyone.



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