The Book on Job Searching With Social Media

Joshua Waldman (GSM ’06) wrote the book on using social media to find a job. Seriously.  Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies (Wylie, 2011) is a  guide for job-seekers on how to effectively leverage social media during the job search.  He did an interview with BU Today to discuss the book.


Even though the power of social media is growing, Waldman mentioned that social media should not be the only job search strategy.

BU Today: Has social media replaced personal contact when looking for a job?
Waldman: No. You still have to talk to people. It’s a mistake to hide behind the screen, because it’s not a replacement. When you meet someone on Twitter, ask them for a phone number or email address so you can continue the conversation offline. This is a word of caution, especially for students, who don’t have as much experience as some of their competition: don’t just post your résumé a thousand times and think you’re done; you have to kick yourself to get out there.

Check out a book preview:

Check out Waldman’s website, Career Enlightenment  for more job search resources.


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