Apps for Networking

There is a great article from yesterday’s New York Times on how apps are changing the networking process. Networking is about a whole lot more than just exchanging business cards these days.

Julie Weed mentions some of the apps that are out there to make networking easier:

Cardmunch: This iPhone app imports contact information into the users phone via a picture of a business card. This is for those people who don’t like carrying around a deck of contact information.

Bump: For those looking for a truly hands on experience, Bump exchanges contact information via bumping the two phones together. It’s for both iPhone and Android.

MeetMe: Looking for a convenient place to meet with a new business contact? The MeetMe iPhone app finds places to meet that are close to both parties. You can adjust for distance and type of restaurant.

These are just the starting point.

Also check out 10 Apps to Up Your Networking Game from Inc.


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