Make a Prezume

Have you heard of Prezi? It is a cloud-based communication tool that helps you make visually attractive presentations.

Here’s an introduction to Prezi:

Pretty cool, huh?

The advantage to Prezi is that it is well suited to telling a story. It’s attractive and keeps people’s attention. And that’s why it’s a perfect tool to utilize for your job search. A Prezi resume, or Prezume, can highlight your interests, experiences, and showcase examples of your work in ways that traditional resumes cannot.

Here’s an example of a solid Prezume. It is fun to look at, summarizes main ideas visually, and its interactive. Remember that you are doing yourself a disservice if you are just rehashing your resume in the presentation.

Here are few tips for making a Prezume from the Architecture Career Resource blog:

  • Content is still king: Zooming and tilting and nice graphics will not compensate for bad content so think about your message carefully and how you would like to be perceived by potential employers
  • Listing your skills and experiences cover main categories. No need to go into as much detail as a traditional resume
  • Since you’re in visual profession include some samples of your work. Link your projects to your story. Include your most significant projects only.
  • Include a link to your traditional resume so employers can get to the details of your career.

And remember that this is not a substitute for your traditional resume. Add it to your blog or LinkedIn.

Ready to start? Get the Prezi tutorial here.


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