Substitute those “Worked” and “Assisted” Descriptions In Your Resume

I hate the words assisted and worked. They are unspecific, unclear, and don’t do much to describe the type of work you’ve done.

Take a look at this completely made up job and its description:

Sprinkles and Lollipop Party Company
Balloon Specialist

  • Assisted Bobo the Clown with parties
  • Assisted the Chief Fun Officer with marketing work
  • Worked with clients

The HR person looking over your resume would get that you did something with a party. You have marketing experience. Worked with clients? What does that mean?

You need to specify, specify, specify. Not a wordsmith? No worries. There are plenty of good word resources out there.

I googled “best resume words” and put a bunch of them in a word cloud to show which ones stick out.

However, don’t just plug in words that don’t reflect what you did. That’s lying. Don’t do that.

Before you start writing out your job descriptions, take 20 minutes to brainstorm every task you did at your previous jobs. It will help you really hone in on your specific responsibilities.

Let’s take a look at that Balloon Specialist again:

Sprinkles and Lollipop Party Company

Balloon Specialist

  • Organized and set up props for Bobo the Clown’s corporate entertainment functions
  • Promoted company through brochure distribution and social media
  • Scheduled events and implemented specific customer requests for functions

Do you have a better idea of what the Balloon Specialist did? I do. The words assist and work don’t do much for you.

Hammer out the specifics. It will paint a better picture of you for a potential employer.


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