Get Ahead On the Job Search: Where to Start on your Resume

First, please go vote. It’s the best thing you can do all day.

Alright, day 2 of “Getting Ahead on your Job Search Week.”

Let’s say you found that sweet job or internship. Where do you start on your application? Good question. Begin with some self-reflection.

Take a look at this video from The Resume Revolution:

Rebecca provides some great starting points to begin your resume.

What do they care about? This involves doing some homework. Don’t just copy words from the job description in to your resume. You need to show that you know about the company and their mission. As Rebecca said, take a look at the website and talk to someone at the company. By learning about them, it shows that you care and you’re not just another resume in the stack.

Why am I uniquely qualified? I like how the video points out that this is a mixture of skills, characteristics, and relevant experience. Companies are looking for well-rounded people. You’ll most likely be working with other people and it benefits HR people to know how would fit in with the company. It’s hard to emphasize personality and characteristics in a resume. Show that in your cover letter, and interview, and the other parts of the application process (more on this later.)

What am I personally good at? A lot of people are uncomfortable with “tooting their own horn.” It is difficult to do, but don’t be afraid to ask co-workers, friends, family (your mother always has something nice to say about you), and former employers.

Why do I excel? What motivates you? How can you turn that in to an asset for the company? Make a list of five of your biggest personal, academic, or professional successes. Why did you succeed at those times? Those will also be good examples to bring up during an interview.

Self-reflection is an important part of the job search process. It will help clarify what makes you qualified for a job.

Tomorrow: Cover letters

Oh yeah, go vote!


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