How to Make Your Internship Worthwhile: Links

It’s time to start thinking about summer. Not just because it’s getting cold out, but because many companies are starting to put out applications for summer internships. Internships are a major part of your college experience. They are learning opportunities as well as pseudo-job interviews.

So, how do you make these worthwhile? These links have excellent advice for COM majors applying for internships.

-Kelsey Colt from The Daily Muse has advice for people going in to the journalism field. Tip number one? Ask lots of questions.

-PR Daily has a bundle of advice for new interns going in to the public relations industry. There are tips for all aspects of the process from applying to finishing strong.

– 7 Tips for Internship Preparation stresses that prospective interns should know their industry and not be afraid to teach other people a thing or two.

– Want to get a reel internship? By that I mean one in the film industry. Check out NY Creative Interns for some advice on getting your foot in the door.

-And of course, don’t forget to check out the Career Link database for oodles of great internships.


Image from PR Daily


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