Creative vs. Conventional Ways to Impress Potential Employers

How do you make yourself stand out when you’re searching for a job? It’s a question I’ve discussed a lot here. Jacquelyn Smith from blogged about when to gamble with trying to impress an employer and when to rely on the fundamentals.

OfficeTeam, a global staffing firm, recently did a survey of HR managers to find out what impressed them the most during job interviews.

The best creative ways job applicants have stood out:

  • “An applicant walked in with coffee and donuts, and her resume underneath.”
  • “I’ve had someone outline what he planned to do for the company in his first six months.”
  • “One job seeker sent a handmade get well card when she heard the hiring manager was under the weather.”
  • “We had a candidate who contacted our board of directors to try to make his case for being hired.”

Robert Hosking, the executive director of Office team, warned against trying anything big without doing your homework first,”Applicants who decide to use creative job hunting strategies should learn as much as possible about the company and the hiring manager in advance to make sure the approach fits. Anything that could potentially offend or disconcert a potential employer, or disrupt the office, is not a good idea.”

And here are some solid, conventional ways applicants have impressed:

  • “One applicant explained what he knew about our company. I was very impressed with his knowledge and research.”
  • “I had a follow-up email from a candidate immediately after our meeting.”
  • “I liked the way one job seeker explained his skills in a way that correlated directly to what we needed for the position.”
  • “A candidate gave me a thank-you note right after the interview.”
  • “One woman didn’t just recite her skills — she provided many examples of her work.”

Check out more of the answers over at Smith’s blog.




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