Hyperbole is the Worst Thing Ever (Especially on Your Resume)

Hyperbole is one of the worst mistakes you can make on your resume.  You’re not the only “team player” out there. And a lot of people have “excellent communication skills.”

Career consultant Duncan Mathison, in an interview with Career Builder, emphasized the importance of making your resume as specific as possible. “Generic hyperbole belongs on cereal boxes, not on résumés,” said Mathison,  “If it does not pass the ‘So what, anybody can make that claim’ test, leave it off.”

How can job searches make their resume stand out? First off, Mathison recommends removing these words from your resume.

1.  Outstanding

2.  Effective

3.  Strong

4.  Exceptional

5.  Good

6.  Excellent

7.  Driven

8.  Motivated

9.  Seasoned

10. Energetic

Mathison said it’s better to focus on specifics and accomplishments. The following words are more specific and provide a lot more detail for recruiters.

1.  Created

2.  Increased

3.  Reduced

4.  Improved

5.  Developed

6.  Researched

7.  Accomplished

8.  Won

9.   on time

10.  Under budget

I recommend taking a sheet of paper and brainstorming all of your accomplishments and responsibilities from your previous jobs. It’s the absolute best thing you can do to improve your resume. Well, maybe not the best, but it will help paint a fuller picture of who you for job recruiters.


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