Working for the Weekend: 10/19

Job searching is tough. Cranking out cover letters, waiting for email responses, and meticulously tweaking the words in your resume can leave you burned out. Adding that on top of the daily tsunami of dismal economic news can make your job search feel like you are scaling Mt. Everest.

Well, relax a bit. It’s Friday.

-PR people take note. Red Bull just got a huge boost from Felix Baumgartner’s free fall.

-How not to do a job interview:

– From Reddit user Nipse79: “So they installed a new coffee machine at work and before anyone could use it, I placed this sign on it…best three hours of my life…”

– LinkedIn just launched their Thought Leader program, which aggregates blog posts/information from top professionals around the world. Think of it as a Twitter feed for your professional career.

Enjoy the weekend.


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