So You’ve Networked… Now What?

Say you just attended a fancy networking event, chatted with some COM alumni, shook some hands, and obtained a deck of business cards. What do you do now?

Do these things to make sure you don’t forget about those contacts you just made.

  • Follow up TODAY. Don’t put   off contacting people until you are desperate for a job. Send them a quick note to say it was a pleasure meeting them.
  • Add them to your LinkedIn network. Even if their company isn’t hiring right now, chances are that they are connected to someone in their industry who is. They just might be the catalyst to help you find a job.
  • Set a goal for yourself with your contacts. Such as “Go out to coffee within 3 weeks.” or “Send a request for more information within a week.” You are probably not going to establish a connection with every person who you got a business card from. Keep your contacts in perspective.
  • Don’t be discouraged if you don’t receive a response to your follow up. Send a second note or make another call in a week or so. Do not be a stalker. The people you talked to just might not have the time or desire to establish a relationship.

Remember, networking is not just about schmoozing. It’s about establishing contacts. Your effort will pay off.


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