Best Boston Area Businesses Com Majors Should Connect with on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an efficient way to network and keep up with companies where you might be interested in working. The coolest part of LinkedIn is the ability to see how you are connected to a company or organization through mutual contacts.

If you’re diligent about keeping up your network, there is probably a good chance that you have some connection with Boston-area businesses. Take a look at the following companies and give them a follow . These companies all have a large LinkedIn network and good content on their pages.

Digitas– Digitas has an active LinkedIn site showing corporate events, new hires, and providing career useful information.

“Digitas the top global integrated brand agency, builds active brands for some of the foremost companies in the world. With a deep understanding of their client’s customer’s passions and behaviors, the agency combines media creativity, technology, creativity, analytics to ignite emotional bonds between people and brands.”

Amp Agency – Over half of Amp’s employees are on LinkedIn.

“AMP Agency is an integrated communications agency that employs an “Insights Inspired, Results Driven” approach to conceive, develop and implement innovative marketing solutions across a range of channels.

Skyword– They provide helpful advice for freelancers looking to boost their online profile.

“Skyword is a software-as-a-service company that helps organizations reach and engage customers with quality content that’s specifically designed to succeed in search and the social web – two primary ways consumers get information today.”




This is just a start. There are tons of companies located in the Boston area on LinkedIn. Chances are you’ll find a connection at one of them.

Make sure you follow the COM Career Services page, COM Connections.


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