Working for the Weekend: 10/12

Nothing like a shortened week to throw you off your game. And it’s already the 12th of October? Oof dah. (That’s my midwestern-ess coming out.)

Well, take a break from drafting those resumes and cover letters. It’s Friday.

-Who needs real money when you can get Lord of the Rings cash?  (Lifehacker) 

– Yeah, job searching is daunting. COM Career Services is here to make sure you don’t feel like this.

Source: via CUNE on Pinterest



-Sick of spending 5 bucks on one of those pumpkin spice mochas? Here’s a recipe to make them from scratch. (Lifehacker)

– Alright, I’m feeling like this today.

(via JJ Groom N Go)

Have a great weekend. Don’t work too hard.


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