5 Twitter Must-Follows for Screenwriters

The “5 Twitter Must-Follows for PR Majors” was our most viewed article last week. I thought I would try it with another part of the COM world, screenwriting.

Karel Segers – @ozzywood

– Karel tweets a variety of great resources, articles, tips, advice for screenwriters.


Raindance Film Fest – @raindance

– The British film festival tweets advice for screenwriters. They retweet a lot of other professionals from the industry.

The Script Lab – @TheScriptLab

-It’s a verified account, so you know it’s good stuff. The Script Lab provides good advice and analysis of screenplays.


Scott Myers – @GoIntoTheStory

-Scott is a screenwriting teacher who has worked on a number of films.



Ben Affleck – @BenAffleck

– I know Ben is a big star, but he’s also a pretty talented director/writer/producer. He occasionally does chats about his projects. He’s a local Boston boy as well.


Make sure you follow @ComCareers for job postings, networking events, and job search advice.


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