Your Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Video Resumes

Every Monday morning look for a digital “wake up” on the latest website, technology, or app and how they can help your job search. 

What is it? Video resumes are digital videos that are used in addition to traditional resumes. They are usually created to give recruiters a more personal look at an applicant. Video resumes are especially useful in creative or communications fields as they give applicants the ability to show off a more personal side.

How do I make a VR? Much like with paper resumes, there is a thin line between creative and crazy. While your VR could go viral, you could also end up an internet laughingstock.

I’m not going to offer any help with making out-there VR’s. (I’ll leave that to the internet savvy.) However, here is some practical advice for making a video resume:

Keep it short. A video resume should be limited to 1 to 2 minutes. Recruiters don’t have a lot of time to look over applications and it’s doubtful that many of them will sit through a 5 minute video.

Dress professionally. Think of it as a one-sided job interview.

Use quality equipment. Don’t make it with your webcam and computer microphone. Viewers will probably not pay attention to you if they can’t hear you or see you clearly. If you have good video editing skills, use them. This is a chance to show off some of those technical skills you have learned.

Don’t just read your resume. Pitch yourself. Talk about what you can bring to the company. Your VR needs to add value. It’s not just a video copy of your resume.

If your good at it, make sure you’re really good at it. If you really think a gimmick is the best way to go, make sure you go full all out. Make sure you are not embarrassed by it. If its on the internet, it has the potential to be viewed by millions of people. Keep that in mind.

Don’t just a VR. Keep it a link to a video on your LinkedIn. If you think the video could help you, link to it on your resume.

Should I delete my paper resume and just use a video one? No, while video resumes can help you, it is still uncharted territory for many recruiters. Not all companies like a VR.

According to a survey done by Vault Inc., only 17% of recruiters have actually viewed video resumes. And  the main reason employers would view a VR is to “assess a candidate’s professional presentation and demeanor.”

Companies may also have concerns about discrimination when basing hires on videos.

So what’s the final verdict?

The jury is still out on this one. The main points to remember are to be professional on camera, use high-quality equipment and editing, and if you are going to go all out, make sure you can stand by it.



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