Working for the Weekend: 9/28

Job searching is tough. Cranking out cover letters, waiting for email responses, and meticulously tweaking the words in your resume can leave you burned out. Adding that on top of the daily tsunami of dismal economic news can make your job search feel like you are scaling Mt. Everest.

Well, relax a bit. It’s Friday.

– Reddit AMAs (ask me anything) are extremely popular (even President Obama did one a few weeks ago). It’s a chance to pick the brains of a random person who you probably would not get to talk to otherwise.  Journalists Bernard Smith (Al-Jazeera) and Matt Yglesias (Slate) will be taking part in the online chat on September 30th and October 4th respectively.

-Basketball hipsters, rejoice. Brooklyn now has its own basketball team. The New York Times breaks down how the Nets logo came to be.

– A few months ago Wal-Mart put out a contest to determine which store would get a private appearance from the rapper Pitbull. While this sounds like a pretty standard marketing campaign, it wasn’t.  The promotion went viral and Pitbull ended up going to Kodiak, Alaska. The guy who started the campaign wrote up his experience for the Phoenix. It’s a hilarious look in to 21st  journalism, viral marketing, and the wilds of Alaska.

– I think an EnergyPod would be great for the Com building. (via Forbes)

Happy Friday.


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