Your Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: LinkedIn

Every Monday morning look for a digital “wake up” on the latest website, technology, or app and how they can help your job search. 

What is it? LinkedIn is like a digital resume, but better. Think of it as Facebook for your professional life. You can create a work profile, find how you are connected to organizations, and follow companies.

So what? Trying to find an “in” at a company used to involve a lot of phone calls and sleuthing. With LinkedIn, you can see if any of your friend’s friends or your friends’ friends’ friends are connected to a company or organization you are interested in. It also allows companies to view your profile. This service has made creating a professional life online extremely easy.

Should I create a LinkedIn profile? Yes. Yes. Yes. 93% of recruiters are using LinkedIn to find potential employees.

Should I delete my resume and just use my LinkedIn profile? Well, not yet. It’s important to have a physical document that you can pull out at a moments notice. (However, you can convert your LinkedIn profile to PDF format.)

How can this get me a job? LinkedIn provides users with an extremely easy way to network. I personally have used the “how are you connected” feature to network with a person (who was a friend of a high school friend) at a company I was interested in applying to. I went out to lunch with the guy and he wrote a recommendation for me. Even though I didn’t get the job, it demonstrates how easy networking is through LinkedIn.

Companies can also passively search out candidates for job who have unique skills. If you have specific skills, like work with video editing, it makes sense to emphasize them here.

Be sure to follow COM Connections on LinkedIn and connect with over 3,000 College of Communications alumni.



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