Working for the Weekend: 9/21

Job searching is tough. Cranking out cover letters, waiting for email responses, and meticulously tweaking the words in your resume can leave you burned out. Adding that on top of the daily tsunami of dismal economic news can make your job search feel like you are scaling Mt. Everest.

Well, relax a bit. It’s Friday.

-I wouldn’t mind having a meeting around at a Ping-Pong conference table. (via Morning Donuts)

-Scared about coding? Not to worry, Codeacademy offers free online coding lessons. It’s a great way to beef up your resume. (via Mashable)

– Need to feel productive while wasting your time online? Techland Times has just come out with the 50 Greatest websites of 2012.

-Lo0king to make some extra money with your viral videos? Vimeo now allows users to add a “tip jar” to their videos.  (via NPR)

-Want to be like 007? Now you can with an interactive marketing campaign for the new Bond film, Skyfall. (via Mashable)

Happy Friday.


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