5 Websites for Journalism Majors

Com is a diverse department.  What works for one part of the Communications trifecta (journalism, advertising/PR, film/TV) might not work for another.

So, from time to time we will offer advice for one specific department. Today we’ll look at journalism.

Here are five websites that journalism majors should be checking out on a daily basis (other than your daily news updates):


The Poynter Institute is one of the leading non-profit organizations dedicated to helping journalists perfect their craft. Their blog examines the state of the media and offers good advice and tips for those looking to break in to the business.

Journalism Jobs

Journalism Jobs is a jobs listing site for newspapers and media outlets from all over the United States. It also offers a lot of career resources for journalists.

10,000 Words

A Media Bistro site that is dedicated to the merging of technology and journalism. It has quality resources on social networking and online writing.


It’s not a career site, but required reading for those looking to write succinctly.


The website for sports journalism professionals. It has lively discussions, job listings, and a bunch of other fun things.


Journo majors, what stuff do you usually read?



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