Keeping Your Online Life Professional

It’s that time of year again. Facebook pages get inundated with invites to frat parties and pictures of late-night shenanigans. You check in at your favorite hot-spots. And you tweet about your weekend plans to your followers.

However, this is also a good time take stock of your online social life. Remember it is your real life.

Employers are checking out your Facebookz and Twitterz. According to a survey done by Microsoft, nearly 70% of employees have rejected applicants based on what they saw on social media sites.

Whenever I post something online I go by the principle of “If I was running for office, would I want the American public to see this?” It’s a high standard, but you can’t be too cautious online.

However, don’t go deleting your Facebook profile just yet. As it so happens, the social media phenomenon can be used for good as well.

Nearly 40% of employers hired an applicant due to the fact that they showed a positive lifestyle in their social media lives.

So what’s a Terrier to do? Check these does and don’t in to your daily web browsing, and you’ll come out looking like a boss.

Don’t: Rant on your boss.
Do: Emphasis your internships, jobs, and other cool experiences you have done. Companies like creative, active people.

Don’t: Try to become mayor of a bar (especially if you’re under 21)
Do: If you go to a lot of interesting places or events, check in! It makes you look sophisticate.d

Don’t: Put that Saturday night beer bong photo as your profile pic
Do: Make a good looking, clear, professional photo of yourself your main pic. I recommend pre-reception wedding photos.

Don’t: Sound like a first grader on your Twitter
Do: Tweet at interesting people, ask questions to people in your field, participate in twitter discussions related to your field.

I know Twitter is built on being short and to the point, which often causes less than perfect grammar. Google “Dumb Tweets” to see examples out what I’m talking about.

 The point is online life is real life. And the two are going to become even more intertwined. Keep yourself in good company in both places and you can’t go wrong.  

 Having an interesting and professional looking Facebook account may help get you a job. According to Forbes, more companies are experimenting with hiring directly via social networking platforms.


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